Friday, November 2, 2012

Inter-Module Weeks 7 & 8: Uncertainty

The Life of a Yogi 

There is only one thing that is certain about the second module of this teacher training right now: It’s going to be an adventure – a true test of our collective ability to “stand supreme in any condition” (as Dharmaji says a yogi is always able to do).
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, everything is a little wacky. I myself did not have power until Wednesday evening in my home, and I am extremely lucky to have gotten it back when I did. Everything is pretty tenuous right now; Dharma Yoga has been closed since Monday at 2 PM, and the staff has not been able to get back into the building – which is still without power, last I heard. We received an email from Adam, the director, saying that we will be going ahead with the training as planned (we will be allowed into the building on Sunday), possibly with a condensed schedule because of the limited natural light inside the building.
I’m still just as enthusiastic to come together with my fellow trainees once again, but I am nervous for those traveling long distances… And even those traveling short distances (gas is a rare commodity right now, and public transportation is not even close to reliable). My host for the training is still without power, heat, and hot water in her apartment, so I have a feeling this week is going to be the epitome of simple, yogic living. Thankfully she has a gas stove, so we can still cook a little bit!
I’ve just accepted the fact that it’s not going to be as easy as last time. Of course these difficulties will help us all appreciate how easy we had it during the first module – we had the ability to control the temperature in the temple, to buy fresh green juices between scheduled sessions, and even to play music in the temple as we arrived each day. We are all hoping the electricity will be restored soon, but one never knows with these things… “One day at a time” seems to have become the theme of my life lately.
I’m sure many of my trainee friends have already had to deal with their fair share of adversity just in traveling to the area, but I have a feeling we are going to rise above the hardships beautifully – supporting each other and moving forward just as we did last time we were all together!
As my roomie said once, “This teacher training group is passing through some serious karma… Be happy those karmas are burned off.”


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