Friday, June 8, 2012

Independence Day Retreat

The Eight-Limbed Universal Power
Behind all Action 
with Sri Dharma Mittra and DY Teachers

Join us in the natural beauty of the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts
Celebrating July 4th

Friday, June 29th to Sunday, July 1st
Friday, June 29th to Sunday, July 1st
  • Put power behind your thoughts.
  • Bring clarity to the mind
  • Restore radiant health and remove toxins
  • Unleash your full energetic potential
  • Amazing vegetarian meals three times a day
  • Sauna and Jacuzzi.
Sri Dharma Mittra invites you to take a journey into the life of a yogi. Come learn his challenging yet meditative Dharma Yoga Shiva Namaskara series, designed to unfold complete movement of the spine and unleash your full energetic potential. Breathing, relaxation, and guided meditations will bring the practice full circle, removing the body's toxic impurities and leading to higher states of health and well-being. Dharma's discourses will illuminate the practical and philosophical methodology of the laws of karma and yogic diet, strengthening inner intuition to manifest your unique desires in life. 
Make sure to reserve your spot early to get best rate. Call at 212.889.8160 or sign up online

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