Friday, June 8, 2012

Master Sadhana

with Sri Dharma Mittra
"A hidden gem in the middle of New York City"
Mondays thru Thursdays 12pm -1:45pm
Be ready for amazingly graceful yet extremely challenging practices steeped in 50 years of Sri Dharma Mittra's experience of the classical traditions. Dharmaji is the creator of over 300 advanced asana variations, and offers lessons in many of these unique and now popular poses of today. You will be guided through purifying yoga, cultivating the mind with invaluable and profound sacred teachings on the ethical rules, yama and niyama, karma, yogic diet, and ancient varied breathing practices. Sri Dharma Mittra helps guide each individual to quiet the turbulent mind in order to find peace, contentment, and realization of the divinity within you. What could be better?, or more important. Join us anytime.
"There is always expectation because we are still identified with the body, the mind and the ego. Only after Self-Knowledge becomes more "ripe" in the mind can the ego totally disappear. Then the string is broken. Everything depends more on the mental attitude. Be Good, Do Good. ~ Sri Dharma Mittra
Begins punctually, arrive at least 10 minutes early. Card discounts or $20 | walk-ins welcome | or sign up on line

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