Friday, August 10, 2012

Pre-Training Reflections, LOAY 800-Hour Immersion

The Life of a Yogi

As my flight on Saturday draws ever closer, I am bombarded with "The Mind" and all of its tricks.  When I originally bought my ticket, my plane was to get it around 9:30 pm, but has been pushed back to 11:30 p.m. and the training starts very early the next morning.  It is going to be an interesting first day!  But hey, nothing says "teacher training" like being exhausted.  I can only imagine what other grand lilas are at play...

On a much more personal level, I have been overwhelmed with feelings of unworthiness and lack of preparation.  For me, being with Dharma Mittra is such an honor, and I always want to please him and represent him well.  Knowing that I am still so full of impurities and ego makes me wish that I hadn't sent in my application so soon--but it's a little too late for regret.  As a wise man told me, God brought me to this training for a reason.  But despite the fact that everyone else thinks that I am ready, I still have my doubts.  

On the other hand, I am looking forward to being in NYC as it is a very special place for me for a lot of reasons.  I am very blessed to be staying near the center with one of my spiritual brothers whom I love very much (and get along with), and the thought of being in the same room with Dharma makes me get a lump in my throat just thinking about it.  I am kind of ambivalent towards Hatha Yoga, but I am incredibly excited to hear his discourse about the Psychic Development and Psychic Sleep practices, and to meditate with him.  

Other than that, there is no looking back now.  Every time I visit, some old part of me is shattered, and some new part blossoms.  I am going to stop whining and pack.  I only need a couple pairs of yoga clothes and a toothbrush.  In this case, simplicity is best.

~Olivia Foss


Two days until the launch of my eight-day journey. My excitement grows by the minute as I continue to ensure that the life I'm leaving behind for eight days is taken care of. Not only preparing mentally and physically for what lies ahead, I had to ensure that all responsibilities spanning those eight days would be covered.

I am enrolled in two graduate courses and all of the work is due in advance so I could take advantage of this experience and be fully present. Because I am going to be away and leave three children who deal with a divorce situation, I wanted to take them on a family vacation prior to my trip to New York. In addition, my two scope and sequences for the classes I teach at Cushman Middle School, coupled with the assigned readings for the faculty are due now. I also had to secure yoga teachers for the three classes I teach outside of Cushman.

As you can see, my life is hectic. I work hard to maintain balance that includes reflection, meditation, physical and spiritual practice, family time, and work so that I can successfully fulfill all of my obligations. As I'm sure you are aware, in our everyday lives the pace has become ever more frantic and our decision-making process scattered. The unity of focus achieved through Yoga, coupled with its quieting effect, provides a vital counterpoint and promotes inner peace.

Having completed the 200- and the 500-hour training, I know the challenge that lies ahead. I am looking forward to spending time with Sri Dharma and continuing to learn from him. Each time I do, I not only incorporate what I learn in my practice, but for the practice of others.

~Cindy Ley-Sepe

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