Wednesday, August 29, 2012

LOAY 500-Hour Immersion

The Life of a Yogi:
500-Hour Edition

After the recent popularity of the 800-hour teacher training blog, we at Dharma Yoga had a feeling that our followers would love to dive deeply into the upcoming 500-hour teacher training course by seeing it directly through the eyes of another trainee!

Follow yogi Danielle Gray through her daily experiences in the upcoming 500-hour Advanced Teacher Training course held here at the Dharma Yoga New York Center...

The program will be held September 2nd through 9th and November 4th through 11th; daily entries will be posted within 24 hours. 

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this teacher training course:
The 500-hour teacher training also involves a great deal of independent study between the two sessions held at the center… So we will be checking in with Danielle about once a week during this period, as she develops a home practice and completes the required home assignments for our 500-hour Life of a Yogi program!

Past participants of the 500-hour teacher training program report:

“The 500-hour LOAY program changed my life in all positive directions (beyond my little mind’s imagination).” ~Ka Mei Marilyn Cheuk

“When you go back [home], you'll be a much better version of yourself. It will all be worth it!" ~Brittanie DeChino

Be sure to check back soon for pre-training reflections…

Danielle Gray first experienced the delights of Dharma Yoga at a summer dance training program in 2010 (the summer after her sophomore year of college). For two weeks, her daily schedule began with these practices, and after the conclusion of the program, she found herself continuing to practice Dharma Yoga with great devotion every day for the remainder of the summer. By the time she returned to school in the fall, she knew she had to obtain the tools to share Dharma Yoga with anyone who wanted to learn. She attended the 200-hour Life of a Yogi Teacher Training in June of 2011 and became officially certified (in Dharma Gentle and Dharma I) the following April. Practicing and teaching Dharma Yoga has been a source of great healing and joy for her on many levels, and she is truly thrilled at the opportunity to attend the 500-hour program.

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