Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pre-Training Reflections, LOAY 500-Hour Immersion

The Life of a Yogi

          As I get closer and closer to the start of the 500-hour program, I find myself thinking about how I felt before, and also during, my 200-hour teacher training at Dharma Yoga. During that program last June (2011), a lot of things came up for me (physically, emotionally, spiritually) that totally blindsided me. Dharma Yoga “Life of a Yogi” programs are powerful experiences, and they open you up to a lot of things that you don’t necessarily anticipate – as some of you might have realized if you followed the 800-hour blog.
          This time around, I’m staying with a very generous yogi friend who lives near the center, along with another trainee who I just met when we both arrived yesterday. I feel a little bit nervous, mostly (I'm guessing) due to my ego’s desire to be recognized within a new group of people; but of course, just realizing that this is only the ego, and not the true Self, makes it a little easier to let it go. My roommate has been saying that she’s also a little nervous; I think most people that come to these trainings have similar feelings, and to understand that we’re not alone in that aspect sort of takes some of the heaviness out of the feeling and makes it less pressing.
          I’ve actually spent quite a bit of time at Dharma Yoga this summer, and everyone I’ve spoken to has had similar advice: “Don’t be nervous. I was nervous for mine, and I wish I hadn’t been, because I would have gotten even more out of the program if I hadn’t had that weighing me down.” Easier said than done, of course, but something to keep in mind!
          Despite the nerves, the overwhelming feeling as the first day approaches is excitement. I can’t wait for the intensity of the schedule – even though it will be hard, I know it will be an incredible experience to pass through. The growth that occurred in my life after the completion of the 200-hour training was incredible, and I’m just so eager to witness the positive shifts that I know are coming as I embark on a new part of this journey. 

~Danielle Gray


  1. Best wishes dani! "what's in the cave today?only what you take with you" I look forward to reading your blog-ish

  2. It should say yoda not today. Autocorrect....