Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day Eight: To Be Here

The Life of a Yogi 

          I’m really overwhelmed with happiness right now, so I apologize in advance if this is completely incoherent. I actually cannot even begin to explain the joy of today. Everything was perfect… Sunshine pouring into the temple, a cool breeze outside, just enough asana, and plenty of chanting to close the day.
          We had our morning sessions with Sri Dharma, which were amazing as usual. Then we had a large-group Dharma II practice, and I got to practice assisting, which was so exciting because I had never done it before; it was really a treat to just be able to observe bodies and see how much you can read about where a person is in their practice. So helpful for me from a teacher’s standpoint!
          Then we had Yoshio for Dharma IV, which seemed to fly by today… I felt so open and just physically ready for anything. This week has changed so much about my body, my mind, and my emotional state. I just hope I can continue to flow in this direction as I move into the inter-module homework phase of the training!
          After lunch we reviewed the homework assignments with Adam. It’s a lot, but I am so excited to start putting everything into place – and to see the effects of a committed, long-term practice. Then we had an Om Japa class with Adam, and after we finished chanting the Om for about 20 minutes, I felt like I was floating. The closing Satsang ceremony was beautiful, and I could just feel the joy radiating from everyone – Dharmaji included. It was almost like another spiritual discourse session – he spoke so beautifully about so many things, and I wrote down so many little tidbits because they were just deeply inspiring to me.
          At one point he said, “All these rituals we do are just for us to express how grateful we are to be here.” I feel like I could have chanted with everyone for another four hours before I fully expressed my gratitude towards this opportunity and the full experience of this week.
          It wasn’t too tearful of a goodbye tonight, because of course it was really just “see you later”. I’m so excited to tackle the work ahead of me, partially because I know I have this community of support now. I can’t wait to see everyone again in November, and I’m sure we’re all going to have fantastic journeys leading up to that time!
          Just one picture tonight – of myself and Lisa, my roomie for the week!


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